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Pure Solidcore Silver

Silver cable and audio-components
realized with straight-forward physics in mind
without any voodoo.

Those new to the subject will find on these pages understandable
information regarding electro-acoustical phenomena.
Bias and incorrect information is exposed for what is.

GERMAN HIGHEND silver cable was developed for
high-quality music systems as their components'
sonic performance along with design shortcomings are noticeably highlighted.

Concept, realization and materials reflect present knowledge
about the science of the laws of physics.
GERMAN HIGHEND cables and our connectors reflect
inventions and creations of our own design.
The R&D took place in-house, the tools and dies are ours,
the products are made in Germany.

Our price calculation is based solely on materials and labor.
Marketing expenses are kept to a minimum.

(please do not expect fancy high-gloss colored brochures)

Products for home trial auditioning
are available from your authorized dealer.

"High End made in Germany"

We are confident that our value will move you to use our silver cables
as a lifetime investment into exalted musical playback (and recording) enjoyment.

In the moment we are working at the translation of the English website.
Sorry for Delay !!!