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RCA connectors from KLE Innovations Keith Eichmann

The new Harmony connectors from Keith Eichmann are beside the well-known Eichmann bullet plugs are surely some of the most best 'sounding' chinch plugs on the market.

The following versions are currently available:

KLEI Copper Harmony Plug
(Silver plated copper contacts)
Unit price 15.- €

KLEI Silver Harmony Plug
(Ground pin silver, signal pin silver plated copper)
Unit price 22,50 €

KLEI Pure Harmony Plug

(Pure silver contacts)
Unit price 30.- €

Prices incl. the required quantity of GH-silver solder
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Xhadow XLR-Connector

The best, known to us, XLR connectors on the market.

Xhadow XLR
(Silver plated copper contacts, female and male)
Unit price 72,50 €

Prices incl. the required quantity of GH-silver solder.

All prices are understood as possible to change without prior notice and as suggested retail prices including the legally valid VAT of 19%