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Pure Silver Conductor for Tuning and DIY

Of course, we also offer our silver conductors for equipment & loudspeaker tuning as well as self-construction projects.

Here is an overview of available versions:

PSS pure solid core silver conductor with coarse-crystalline (4-5N silver purity):

- 0,5  mm   13,50 €/mtr.
- 0,75mm   18.-€/mtr.
- 1,00mm   24.-€/mtr.

LGS pure solid core silver conductor with long crystals (4-5N silver puity):

- 0,5  mm   25.-€/mtr.
- 0,75mm   35.-€/mtr.
- 1,00mm   50.-€/mtr.

MCS quality pure solid core conductor hand cast

- Price on request

Useful for tuning and DIY: Teflon shrink tube 2,5mm - 1mm 3,80 € / m.

Glühprozess bei der Herstellung der PSS Silberleiter.
Annealing process in the production of PSS silver conductors.

All prices are understood as possible to change without prior notice and as suggested retail prices including the legally valid VAT of 19%