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Loudspeaker Silver Cable

Physically correct

That silver cables are often cited to add emphasis to the upper frequencies belongs to the numerous fairy tales within the audio industry.
This negative aspect is likely derived from silver plated or physically incorrectly designed cables.

On the contrary, the sonic thumbprint of the GERMAN HIGHEND silver cable is very pleasant and harmonious, despite extreme detail richness and resolution.
The tonal balance as well as the strikingly holographic spatial representation are preserved at all volume levels.

Music !

GERMAN HIGHEND   -  Neutral and impress with a high-resolution, detailed, yet very homogeneous, pleasant sound picture with strikingly realistic space presentation and dynamics.
Even with very low or high volumes, the tonality, spatial imaging and timing are maintained at all times.

Since the mechanical design of the different GERMAN HIGHEND loudspeaker cables is identical, the sound characteristics, sonic thumbprint, are recognizable through all series.
Due to the very long-crystalline silver conductors, the LGS cables play much more detailed and holographic and offer more dynamics than the coarsely crystalline PSS cables.

The MSC cables are in a class of their own.
The properties of this state of the art silver cable resemble those of mono crystalline signal conductors and are hard to beat in correspondingly high-quality component chains.
Of course, the use of silver cables of this class makes sense only in audio systems of extreme synergy.

Speaker Cable Physics:

  • The conductors consist of parallel, polished 0.75 / 1mm solid core conductors from polycrystalline or long-crystal 4-5N-Reinsilber.
  • This investment ensures the lowest possible distortions and differences in runtime whilst providing very high conductance.
  • Due to the defined conductor spacing, crosstalk as well as inductive influencing of the signal is effectively minimized.
  • The dielectric used is high-quality polyethylene terephthalate, which has excellent dielectric and mechanical properties.
    The largest part of the conductor surface (about 80-85%) is surrounded by air, the best known dielectric.
  • Microphonic effects are effectively suppressed by the mechanical structure.
  • The manufacture is of course done with high-quality, silver-containing special tin solder.
  • Due to different conductor cross-sections and number, a perfect adaptation to almost every loudspeaker is possible!


We recommend the use of low-mass hollow bananas, which we offer in low-cost, hard-gold-plated copper beryllium and also as a sonic state of the art version of hardened pure silver.
By minimizing eddy currents, these connectors have proven in listening tests, as expected, as the best alternative besides direct soldering.
Of course, we also offer copper or solid silver shoes, spades, if required.


Models and Prices for Loudspeaker Silver Cable

(coarse-crystalline 4-5N pure silver)

  • PSS-2-S                   (2x0,75mm)                              95.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • PSS-2-L                   (2x1,00mm)                            110.-€/ assembly
  • PSS-2-XL                (4x1,00mm)                            165.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • PSS-2-XL Bi-Wiring  (4x1,00mm)                   165.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • PSS-BI    Bi-Wiring   (2x0,75+2x1mm)         150.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • PSS-BIXL Bi-Wiring  (2x0,75+2x2x1mm)  245.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • PSS-Tri   Tri-Wiring   (2x0,75+4x1mm)         245.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • PSS-TriXLTri-Wiring  (2x0,75+2x1+4x1)     370.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • Surcharge for shielded version                  65.-€/mtr.

GERMAN HIGHEND LGS-Series (long-crystalline !!! 4-5N-Reinsilber)

  • LGS-2-S                   (2x0,75mm)                               190.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • LGS-2-L                   (2x1,00mm)                               200.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • LGS-2-XL                (4x1,00mm)                               315.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • LGS-2-XL Bi-Wiring  (4x1,00mm)                      315.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • LGS-BI    Bi-Wiring   (2x0,75+2x1mm)            295.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • LGS-BI-XL Bi-Wiring (2x0,75+2x2x1mm)    510.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • LGS-Tri   Tri-Wiring   (2x0,75+4x1mm)           510.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • LGS-Tri-XLTri-Wiring (2x0,75+2x1+4x1 )     750.-€/mtr. plus assembly
  • Surcharge for shielded version                             65.-€/mtr.

    Note: The cable prices refer to the running Mono-meter from the roll

GERMAN HIGHEND MCS-Serie / The limit of feasibility ?!
Hand-made silver conductor with amazing properties


Prices and delivery time upon request

Assembly Charge incl. GH-Stabilizer (price for stereo set)

  • Stereo cable with copper-beryllium hollow bananas 245.- €
  • Stereo cable with pure silver hollow bananas 385.- €
  • Stereo cable with gold plated copper fork shoes, spades 275.- €
  • Stereo cable with pure silver fork shoes, spades 385.- €
  • Stereo cable with silver solder tin 225.- €
  • Stereo bi-wiring cable with copper beryllium hollow bananas 270.- €
  • Stereo bi-wiring cable with pure silver hollow bananas 485.- €
  • Stereo bi-wiring cable gold plated copper fork shoes, spades 335.- €
  • Stereo bi-wiring cable with pure silver fork shoes, spades 485.- €
  • Stereo Bi-Wiring cable with silver solder tin 245.- €
  • Tri-Wiring, bridges, custom-made products etc., prices upon request

Of course, the choice of connectors is up to you.
You can also get all cables with WBT, Furutech, etc., connectors.
On request we also offer custom-made products.
Since we manufacture the cables ourselves and each cable is a special product, other conductor combinations (cross sections and silver types) are also possible without significant problems.
For some applications, we recommend using the higher-grade silver in the high-midrange range and the cheaper ones in the bass range.
For loudspeakers with foil drivers (magnetostats, AirMotion, electrostats) or diaphragm drivers you will get better results with the 0.75mm conductors than with the 1mm.

The loudspeaker silver cables are also available as a shielded version in HF-dense, silver-plated shielding hose.
This is, in our experience, only useful with extremely long cables, with parallel laying to power

cables, or existing problems with interference, since any shielding by capacitive properties has a sound negative effect.

Kabeldesign GERMAN HIGHEND Silber Lautsprecherkabel

All prices are understood as possible to change without prior notice and as suggested retail prices including the legally valid VAT of 19%