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Silver Mains Cord / Power Wire

Unfortunately, in many countries the use of solid core power cables for mobile devices, which include audio components, is not allowed because of the risk of breakage of the conductors.
This safety guideline is understandable for devices such as electric razors, however...
Since we do not wish to conflict with the law, we offer these cables only as a custom-made product for fixed components and for countries with other regulations.


  • Phase and neutral conductor: 2-4 x 1mm solid silver conductor twisted with Teflon insulation
  • Protective conductor: 2 x OFC copper stranded cable (cross-section> silver conductor)
  • Insulation: air, Teflon, silicone
  • Basic construction: multi lumen silicone support
  • Outer sheath: PET fabric hose (HF-shield silver-plated upon request)
  • Contacts: Furutech copper rhodium or Wattgate silver (according to customer requirements)
  • Available as PSS, LGS, MCS or mixed version, 3x1mm - 3x4mm