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Silver RCA Cables

Minimum Signal Influence

GERMAN HIGHEND cinch silver cables impress with a high-resolution, detailed, yet very homogeneous, pleasant sound picture with strikingly realistic space presentation and dynamics.
Even with very low or high volumes, the tonality, spatial imaging and timing are maintained at all times.

Since the mechanical design of the different GERMAN HIGHEND RCA cables is identical, the sound characteristics are recognizable through all series.
Due to the very long-crystalline silver conductors, the LGS cables play much more detailed and holographic and offer more dynamics than the coarsely crystalline PSS cables.

The MSC cables are in a class of their own.
The properties of this state of the art silver cable resemble those of monocrystalline signal conductors and are hard to beat in correspondingly high-quality component chains.
Of course, the use of silver cables of this class makes sense only in the most synergic audio systems.

Absolute neutrality is self-evident with physically correct cables of this class...

Cable Physics:

  • Surface-polished solid core solid conductor made of high-purity, polycrystalline or long-crystal 4-5N pure silver with a defined conductor spacing and cross-sectional difference to compensate for the operating time.
  • Defined isolated OFC copper correction wires with shielding effect for derivation f charges of the dielectric.
  • High-quality, hard polyethylene terephthalate dielectric with excellent dielectric and mechanical properties.
  • Extremely low microphonic susceptibility design.
  • The manufacture is of course done with high-quality, silver-containing special tin solder.


We have compared several versions in the sound tests and the Eichmann Plugs (ETI or KLEI) are not a feast for the eyes, but do sound the best of known RCA plugs.
On request of course we also offer other connectors to your taste.


Models and prices Cinch / RCA Silver Cable:

GERMAN HIGHEND PSS-Series (coarse-crystalline 4-5N-Pure-Silver)

  • 0,50 mtr. Stereo pre-assembled with ETI Bullet Plugs Copper                    235.-€
  • 0,75 mtr. Stereo pre-assembled with ETI Bullet Plugs Copper                    265.-€
  • 1 mtr. Stereo pre-assembled with ETI Bullet Plugs Copper                           295.-€ 
  • Surcharge per 50 cm Stereo                                                                                                90.-€
  • Surcharge for shielded version with grounding conductors / per 50 cm   45.-€

  • 1 Pair RCA-jumpers made with Eichmann Bullet Plugs                                     175.-€
  • Meter price unconfected per mtr./Mono                                                                      90.-€

    Alternatively, you can use the PSS cinch cable with the
    New KLE Harmony Copper RCA plugs (same price).

GERMAN HIGHEND LGS-Series (longcrystalline !!! 4-5N-Pure-Silver)

  • 0,50 mtr. Stereo pre-assambled with KLE Pure Harmony silver RCA          420.-€
  • 0,75 mtr. Stereo pre-assambled with KLE Pure Harmony silver RCA          450.-€
  • 1 mtr. Stereo pre-assambled with KLE Pure Harmony RCA                               495.-€
  • Surcharge per 50 cm Stereo                                                                                                   165.-€
  • Surcharge for shielded version with grounding conductors / per 50cm         45.-€

  • 1 pair of interconnect jumper made with Eichmann Silber Bullets                  288.-€
  • Meter price unconfected per mtr./Mono                                                                         165.-€


    Alternatively, you can use the LGS cinch cable also with the
    KLE Eichmann Silver Bullet Plugs get (same price).

GERMAN HIGHEND MCS-Series / The limit of the feasible ?!
(Hand-made silver conductor with amazing properties)

As you wish...

Of course, the choice of connectors is up to you.
You can also get all cables with WBT, Furutech, SME, Cardas, Clearaudio, or similar connectors.

We also offer custom-made products, tone arm cables, Y-cables, adapter cables, etc..
(Price on request)

The interconnect silver cables are also available in HF-dense, silver-plated fabric tubing. This is, according to our experience, only practical with extremely long cables or in some phono applications meaningful since every shielding is by capacitive characteristics having a negative audible effect.



All prices are understood as succeptable to change without notice and as suggested retail prices including the legally valid VAT of 19%