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High Quality Silver Solder

The best high-end cable is useless if the connections are poor.

GERMAN HIGHEND silver solder has a share of 4% silver and 1% copper and guarantees the least possible transitional resistances when used properly.
In the selection of the flux, in particular, long-term chemical after-effects were also observed. Flux 26 is used here.
The diameter for the cable processing is practical 0.95mm.

The silver solder is, of course, lead-free and ROHS-compliant.

Technical name:
S-Sn95Ag4Cu1 / Flux26
0.95mm / 100gr. / Ch070019

Melting point:
About 215-220 degrees Celsius
About 390-420 degrees Fahrenheit
Working temperature:
About 260-280 degrees Celsius
About 470-540 degrees Fahrenheit

Price / 100 grams: 39.- €


All prices are understood as possible to change without prior notice and as suggested retail prices including the legally valid VAT of 19%