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State of the Art Silvercable

The beginning of all sciences is the astonishment that things are as they are.  (Aristoteles)

On the surface, nothing could be simpler than transmitting an analog audio signal from one point to another.

In reality, however, every stage of a music playback system is faced with the extremly difficult
task of transmitting a complex wide-band signal without changing the information contained in this signal.

Minute as possible sound changes are the goal ...
These are achieved with distortion-free silver cable.

It is generally customary to describe individual audio components so as were they to improve the sound of a system. Unfortunately this has little to do with reality.
Rather, it is more rational to be clear that there are no really "good" components, only those that are "less bad.”
The best components of an audio system are those that cause the slightest changes in the signal.
Cables should be evaluated for their neutrality and not for their sound changes.
This philosophy was taken as the basis for the development of the GERMAN HIGHEND silver cables.

We are rightfully proud of the result of our long-term Research & Development !

High-quality silver cables with the least possible signal distortions, which so far the likes of which were only to be found in significantly higher price regions.

If you have a high-quality high end HiFi system, you will be amazed at the musical abilities that have till now remained hidden.

We are manufacturer of high quality audio components and not a marketing agency.
We know what we talk about and do

Do not let yourself be fooled...